Dragon Jelly Tarts

Vegetarian • Peanut-free • 1 hr prep & baking time This batch yields about 11 pieces of tarts from 1 box of shortcrust pastry (there were 2 rolls in the box). The bowl I used as a molder measures about 6.5 inches in diameter. Ingredients 1 Dragon fruit Raspberry Jam/Jelly Shortcrust pastry 1 Egg WaterContinue reading “Dragon Jelly Tarts”

Panko-Coconut Shrimp

2 servings • 1.5 hr prep & cooking time For this one, I used desiccated coconut because it’s what we had handy. Usually, shredded coconut is what’s popularly used. I also experimented with adding panko breadcrumbs (thus Panko-Coconut) to make the coconut flavour less overwhelming while adding a bit more crunchiness to it too. ForContinue reading “Panko-Coconut Shrimp”